Friday, March 16, 2007

How can I create music videos with my photos

This time I'm fortunate to find a program where I can create music videos with my photos.
Pratically slideshows with music like this.

I have many photos that are sometimes more beautiful as those I can find on the specialized e-card sites, but I'm not able to do them in the way they are as postcards.
So I send my photo with some words when I need. But I wanted something more beautiful, of course.

With Fliptrack (that is a program to download) I avoid an other problem -to chose the music. Because they have hundreds pre-licensed songs. You think that's no problem? It is. A month ago I found a "new way to create e-cards". Very beautiful one-photo-and-music e-card site. The only inconvenient was you have to find a photo and a soundtreck in the web yourself and download them then in that site. I have my photos in different specialized sites, so url isn't a question for me, I know what to do. Unfortunately I don't know where I have to go to take this legal music to download there. So I had to renounce that time. I envy my friends sending me those photos with glitters and other effects.

Second thing I like in Fliptrack is I can embed this my "video" in my blogs and sites. I have not special knowleges to create something myself, I tryed to learn but my head is maybe too old for this tricks. (One friend says, he is 90 and could learn it ;)) I have to be ashamed when I speak in this way) I like programs that do for me everything themselves.

Now I'll try to create something great with photos of my roses.
Now you can see my own creation, "The Song of the Lion" not too good, but it's the first...

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