Thursday, March 22, 2007

Modifying of our behaviour using psychology, -or anti-wars thoughts

I was looking for psychological tips to create an interesting site this days and turned back to the thoughts I write here many times. We live in the world where everybody tries to modify our behavior using modern technologies.

I would call them the most distructive weapons of our times. One scientist knows what to do and sells his knowledge to those who can pay good. It's normal, we think. One sells a piece of bread to give you to eat,other sells psychological tips what to do that you go to kill your neighbor or somebody in Iraq (why this and not other country you'll find later).

I think it's the same: you are forced to buy what you don't need or to buy HERE and you are forced to kill others. The same because somebody is modifying your behaviour using psychological knowledges.

Don't believe me? Open first article with SEO-tips, content tips, writing tips. Visitor comes to you not to buy, but to see. You have to do this, this and this to attract his attention, you have to throw out free "giveaways" with "hooks" to stay in contact with him ecc ecc
If you don't follow those tips, you'll never have visitors and you and you can't even dream to sell.

Now if I need petroil to buy it to you, but I don't have it and I don't want to pay it, what have I do? I have to take it from somebody that has it. Have I do it myself? And maybe die? No. I have to send you or your son there using psychological tricks to modify your behaivour. Because you'll never send your son to die to give me gratis petroil that I'll sell you then. Simple, no?

We, simple little persons, understand it when our son remains dead in that country or when he turns back with his psychic all distructed. He (or we, his parents) understands now what is happend. But it is too late. For him, for us, for those whom killed our son, for those who killed our son. WHY??? To gift a source of enormous money to somebody...

You understand,I don't speak about A country. I tell it to you because I'm disgusted to see this massed appeal to everybody to modify our behaviour.

And here I give you a testimonial to these my thoughts that I found today. I don't say you I was shoked to read this site. No. I always say: we are in this world to create, not to destroy. To give happiness. And I would go there with these persons to support them. So I want to support them here, in this blog.

Anti-war Iraq vets reenact occupation at Washington DC landmarks

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