Monday, March 12, 2007

The problem is to feel asleep all day

My great problem is I feel asleep all days. From the same moment I stand up in the morning. Normally I have to sleep about 9-10 hours but my husband likes to watch TV in bed till night and often I cant asleep when I want. So I thought I want to sleep really but if I try I can't. And I become headaches too.

For some time I could resolve it with coffe. I don't like it, but for the "holy aim"... I began from coffe cup, passed to tea cup and today it's not enough. The situation becomes very sad after meals. The life is praticaly impossible. But the cup (or two) of coffe helps better in the afternoon.

The great quantities of coffe are not good in other sence too: my nervous system don't like it.

Yesterday I read about Hlicobacter pilory that provokes headaches and fit, italian scientists say. Once I began to write about on the page Health and Diet Questions of My Interests Site. Some friends say it's only a new trend. They did this examinations and found nothing. My other suspect was food intollerance. You can find results of my research on the same page. But it seems to be not the matter in this case.

This morning I passed to look for help in internet. I always write here, in this Diary, everything I find interesting in the web. Or to tell you my doubts about ideas I find. But this time I could find nothing and write here to ask if there is somebody with the same problem and what do you do to feel awaken.

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