Friday, March 09, 2007

Monetize you blog ( the story continue )

Many of you read my previous posts about web-earning possibilities. I told you my personal story. Mature person, I have to stay in my house,so I wanted to change specialization and to begin to work in internet.

New with PC I tried everything I found surfing the web and wrote about it in different posts here.
This is the story if you don't remember it:
Monetize your site (for beginners)
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Once more about money making possibilities

I promised you to continue my story if I find more addresses and if I finaly can find my employer.
My last research was about possibilities to earn with blogging. In this field I found some useful addersses: Payperpost, Blogsvertise,Blogads. And I'll tell you about these sites later.

First of all I have to return to my previous post for those who follow my adventure.

You remember I filled my site with banners and buttons of different companies that had to pay % for every order they receive from my site. Now I have 4 months experience and say you: the "bad pals of the internet" had right. Statistic has right too.

The companies received from my site about 1000 impressions a month (more or less) with 20 -50 clicks and no one order in all this time.

The problem is first of all "the targeted audience" I think. I noticed: every hosting (or how have I call them) has audience with different interests. One site's visitors read more intellectual posts, others -more life stories, to give you an example. So you can have more success if you take good aim.

Second. There is a psychological side. Today every site is full of all these banners, links ecc so that you praticaly can't find the article you look for. Be honest: do YOU as visitor click all this? Why other visitors have to do it in your site?

And finaly to my last research.
It could be so good if I could earn something writing posts in my own blogs I thought. This job you can find if you are member of and similar but the formalities are so complicate... and there are so many "middlemen" to pay...

Today I have some direct addresses as said: Payperpost, Blogsvertise, Blogads.
First of them was very discussed in internet. Some communities said it's not moral to post publicity in blogs, blogs are the only honest community in the web ecc. It was always, is and will be for ever very personal I think. What is interesting for us that this site wants only successful blogs,old and with many visitors.

Last of 3 sites is only for "influential bloggers" and "is now invitation only".

I'll try this: Blogsvertise. This site was very clear in rules description (you remember my misunderstanding with Adsence because of enormous documents to read ...), they don't look for special knowleges, they write very clear about payments and the only thing they want you have is your blog and paypal account.

Oh,forgot.There is an other site looking for bloggers. Web Worker Daily . This is address of an interesting article about bloggers job. I post here what are they looking for:

"If you are interested, post a review on your own blog showing how you can smartly critique any of the tools–software, hardware, or otherwise–that make virtual work fun and profitable. For extra credit, include tips and tricks for boosting productivity using those tools. Add a short bio at the end so we can see how you’re putting your own twist on the web worker life. Link back to this post and we’ll be sure to see it."

Let's dive in this new adventure? Who is with me?

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