Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What a pity, free database for singles!

This evening I was amuzed to read a discussion "Does age matter?" in one of the forums of JustSayHi.com Persons that want to share their experience and not only read what others say I meet not often in the web.

And then this question I asked myself and my husband in the last weeks because read many articles about men married 20 -30 years younger girls. In one sence I understand those persons, because I had once a "boy-friend" 15 years older as me and it was the best love story in my life. But I think the stories like this need too much forces and energy to last for many years that need a family.This is like an ever braced bow.

I hope you will enjoy this forum. All this site is truly free. JustSayHi.com. I was surprised. You remember I wrote, many sites offer possibilities to meet persons but have hidden obstacles. You can join for free but you can't write to members or to chat with somebody if you don't pay for it. The same with the sites that offer you to learn languages. If you don't pay, the only thing you can do is to wait somebody of paid members writes you or send smiles to somebody. Maybe you know sites with other rules, I no. So I have today my profile in many many sites and sometimes somebody sends me a mail...

I don't remember if I have my profile on eHarmony maybe not, it's the site for singles that look for their copy and I looked for penpals. What a pity! I like this site so much! In an hour turns back my husband, I'll dismiss him and begin to look for a new one! ;-)))

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