Friday, March 30, 2007

"Princess in the tower" syndrome

This week was very hard for me. I had to do and to learn many technical things. It's not so interesting and in the evening I was too tired and down. I could not write more and I received different mails these last days asking me what is happend.

As it happens frequently, I'm thinking about a psychological problem today. This blog is mostly about psychological problems, you see ;)). I can change the name of the blog for something like "human behaviour" already.

So, this time I think about "princess in the tower" syndrome. Take the oath, I invented this name myself.

You remember -a very beautiful knight on the white horse races near a high tower and sees a little window on the top of this tower and a crying princess looking through the window... The princess is waiting for a prince. She does nothing to change her situation. She knows it's unpossible to go out from the tower. And she waits that somebody comes to help her.

So the biggest problem is to accept the situation. Second is to accept the thought "I'm not able to change" because "I am not the right person to do it". And so those become 2 problems, not 1. Not only the situation is difficult to resolve, but we have not enough self-estimate.

We have to begin to resolve our problems with this last.
Where we have to begin from?
The very interesting thing is: we need only our words to help us. And time. Maybe some months. To explain to our mind the "new theory".

So the first thing to do is to make a note when we have not enough self-estimate. (it's enough to note it every time only, to show the problem to our inconscious)
Second. Repeat at least 10 times many times a day "I'm able to do everything and I'll reach this pick". I'm good and precious person so as I am". If you do it for a long enough time you'll see, when next problem comes your different attitude.

What will change?
You remember the end of the fable? The princess had very long hair, she threw the end of the hair down through the window and the hair was so long to reach the earth. The prince went up using the hair as a rope.
Now, if the princess was so unhappy and had a great wish to run away, why couldn't she use the same way for it?

There was an other possibility. The same way, the same tool. But she could do it herself, without help, without waiting years and years that somebody would pass near her tower. Fasten her hair and go down using it as a rope.

Once our inconscious knows, it's able to do everything and has not to think somebody will criticize it, it begins to value the situation not from negative but from positive point of view.

There are other 2 "tools" - open-your-heart exercise and purification visiting holy places and listening and reciting prayers.
What do you think about it?

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