Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Don't kill your child

There are women that can't have children. They do all they can, pay incredibly quantities of money, wait years and years to reach this aim.

Finaly the child is in their home.
Here begins something that I can't understand. We hear many stories when parents mistreat adopted children, sometimes kill them. Women that born 5-6 children after artificial insemination because "god gave us all them", and then have not money to give them to eat. Women that born the child at 65. "You are old, you can die. What will happen with your child?" -"There are so many orphans in Romania, there is no problem" (excuse me, I think it was there)

The other side of the same problem are mothers that make children. And kill them after this. I wrote about it in my other post here

What was happend in these 2 months that I write about it once more now?
In Italy some monasteries turned back to the medieval practices to save these children. Some monasteries had special weels in their walls. Woman that didn't want her child (young girls for example) could leave him in this weel and nobody could know who is the mother. I 've seen this weel in one of monasteries not far from Sorrento. Something like those doors in some hotels, that turn round and pass 1-2 persons.

Modern "weel" is not a weel but a window with a child-bed under it. The mother can open the window and post her child on this bed. Nobody sees her, asks documents or says one word.

Better then kill him or throw in the refuse.

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