Saturday, April 07, 2007

Events stemming from 9-11

It's the second time I write about these terrible things.
I write about them because I don't understand WHY.
There are many different Why-s. And first of all -why innocent people that live for "bread and water" have to kill one another to give enormous money ecc to some "not innocent" (to avoid other definitions). I had the happiness to be in contact with people of many nations and I know, the only thing everybody wants is happyness for his family.
But I think I can't explain my thoughts better as these documents.
Look at these photos, sites and diagram.

The questions and thoughts you'll find there don't seem mad. Unfortunatelly the films are not more available.
911 truth seekers
page with diagram

This sites I found thanks to Ahmed Ismail's blog


  1. Why?
    I suggest reading Robert Fisks (large) book 'The Great War for Civilisation.'
    Excellent background as to 'why?'

  2. Thank you.I'll find this book.
    Sincerely,I read some books more or less about politics and ... I have a wish to hide me.
    I read a comment in one blog that said "do you really think George Bush wants to kill you? Stupidity.(like this)"
    You know,I don't believe they think to do good to America or all other presidents do it to their countries.I don't believe they think about little persons.I believe those vets (my previous post) and those who writes the sites I mentioned in this post...


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