Saturday, April 28, 2007

Special -only for women

Some days ago I wrote about the warrior dance and song of Maori. I like very much special songs and dances. We learned european folk songs in music school. Those were interesting and beautiful.
But not so spectacular.

Today I learned about an other folk festival. Hula Festival Hilo Hawaii.

Here I post 3 videos I was impressed more. ONLY for women! ;)))

This other is not less interesting. Please sit good where you sit. ;)))
Some movements I find amazing for worriers dance...
But without jokes, the exhibition is very good.

And finally Special!

I go to buy a ticket to Hawaii now...



  1. Hi!
    Great blog and even greater videos! I could not take my eyes off these beautiful dancing men. I'm tired of the hip-hop and reggae-ton stuff. These traditional dances are beautiful, educational as well as entertaining. See a couple, a Chinese man dancing with a Cuban women, the Mambo on my blog. They are very sensual! Good dancers!

  2. Thank you for a link. You are perfectly right,the folk dances are something special,international,because are very clear to understand for everybody. They have a great thought inside,not only "I have nothing to do today" or "I'm a victim of all this bad folks"


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