Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When you need to choose a health insurance

As I wrote once, the question about ensurances is for me very difficult. Sincerely I need a good and clear explanation about it because I think, when I don't understand something, I catch all sorts of scams. Sometimes my friends remember about this my ignorance and send me special links.This time there are some articles about health insurance in one interesting new for me community.

The name of this community is the mozdex community. The sence of it is that you can publish your article there. And there are really many and interesting. They call them "mozaics". Everybody can write what he wants there. For those of us who is interested in publishing articles this can be an interesting possibility. In my case I found there different articles explaning health insurance coverage in a simple way.

The name of the article is "Shopping for Health Insurance" and it contains different questions like how you have to choose the company. You think it's an easy question? But for somebody who had never chose one it is a real problem. Did you know you have to control the
financial statements of the company? What have you to compare them to? Do you know without seeng that article? Eh? I read it 3 times to understand where I have to see in the sites of those companies.

Nothing. If I have to choose between health insurance plans, I'll be dead befor I find a reasonable exit. Not only health insurance. Every. That is why I'm sooo obsessive in the last time to read new articles about this theme. And the article that was recomended to me this time reach this aim because takes very simple and exhaustive way to explain.Questions I HAVE to ask and clear answers on these questions.

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