Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bloggers communities

In the last 2 weeks I joined different blogger communities and I'm very happy about it, because I meet new friends everyday, find new interesting blogs.

I wrote that I like blogs because they make me easier to surf the interesting part of internet. I like surfing internet and I have time for it, but there are sooooo much info that you aren't able to find, to see. And friends-bloggers give you what you miss.

It's not so easy to find so much bloggers if you don't join those special sites. I don't list them here, it's enough if you see on the right of this page. I agree with many bloggers that one of the best is MyBlogLog not only because has very good navigation,but it supports many languages too. As russian for example. The second program I like is Spicypage that unfortunatelly supports only english.

Today I found some mails and messages that promote "programs" as those like tecnorati favorites. Programs for stupid newbees, sincerely. Because as all things of this gender they are good for those who begins them, but give nothing to those that come as last.

Yes, I want to have more traffic, but I don't join those lists. Because I have not a special taste of pleasure in this. If I want to drink wine, I buy a good wine to enjoy it's taste, profume ...and company. To give you an example I present you a very lovely blogger Malathy if you don't know her, she has very interesting blogs.

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  1. Hi, I just saw you dropping by in my mybloglog profile. If you like to make new friends bloggers, join my I love to be reviewed and review back!

  2. Thank you for inviting me.You have an interesting blog and an interesting (for me)way to present bloggers.I learned from you to do it.

  3. Hi there, I like your style. And I like that you've learned so quickly what it took me a while to learn. Great post by the way. Linking in and offering to link in to others is another way to build your blogger community. Best of luck. Great to know you and hope to see you often

  4. Thank you.I'm very glad to meet you and read your blog with great pleasure.


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