Friday, April 27, 2007

Too proud about my roses

I hope you will pardon me for this behaviour, but I'm incredibly happy that my most beautiful roses began to gift me their flowers now. These are "Papa Meilland". They are very great (you see it) and they have a very nice and strong profume. All my neighbors are dead from envy.


  1. Yes! Those are definately worth sharing.

    Beautiful! AND HUGE!

  2. These are the most beautiful. But there are "Pierre de Ronsard" that have to open next week,I think. A Great spectacle too.

  3. Fantastic rose..i never seen has own garden

  4. I'm really too fortunate to receive an own garden together with a husband ;))) At my home I had never seen an alive plant and that is why I'm sooooo proud to have all this beauty so as am I the "Creator" of all this.

  5. Wow it's nice rose Liu..Btw I just wonder How do you maintant the plant? Everyday you are so busy...but you still have time to do it.
    I want to learn from you....

  6. Franx,you are sooo nice, thank you for returning to my blogs.I'm really tooo busy this last weeks and do not what is necessary to maintain the plants healthy.Roses need so much cure.Hope to leave all other tasks but it's really diffcult in this period.
    How are you in these days?


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