Sunday, April 15, 2007

Flowers of cactuses

Some of my cactuses have flovers in this period and I wanted to find their names but could find only one of them Mammillaria. This one:

I never had this plants and am really surprised they are flowers and so beautiful!
I'm very proud that they are flowers so as I did something to create them.

This one is only 2,5 cm across and has so big flowers. I think it's mammillaria too.

These sort of cactacee are named "crests" in italian. I like them for their form. I have 4 or 5 sorts of them. But I didn't know they can have flowers too.

these photos are from 20 april to precise the date,when they flower


And at the end a very complet catalog of these plants.


  1. These are very beautiful pictures of cacti....

  2. Thank you.Sincerely I could never understand who likes these plants. In the last time i read,when the first cactuses come in the gardens of higher society,there were special parties for the day when the flower of cactus opens (it remain open for some hours like that great white on my photo).

  3. As they say, you are lucky! Your cactus flowers!

  4. It's true. I coud never reach the flowering of the cactuses before I came in Italy.


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