Friday, April 13, 2007

Earnings by blogging

It's enough time that I don't write about earnings via internet. I don't remember when I posted the last report. I told you, I tryed with affiliate programs ultimately and I had no orders with this advertising. I wanted to cancel those banners from my sites (like Amazon) but then I thought if I have not pay for it, they can remain till I have more time.

This morning I found a blog with MyBlogLog wiget and the game began. Immagin, I'm still signing up and putting wigets in my blogs. Do you want addresses? See at right, they are all there.

I began to think, this can be a good way to begin a new job. Last week I received my first money from Blogvertise (see on the right). 5 dollars become 3 in my PP-account (and they are about 1,5 euros), but they are first money I earned on the web. Unfortunatelly they give me not new tasks, that site. I don't know why.

In that time I joined all possible blogger communities I found, as said. We said, it's impossible to earn something if you have not a good ranking. And how do you want to reach it? If you have the same problem, write to me, we can help one another with posts ecc.

If you need help, you can see articles in the Category Blogging on this page. This blog is in russian generally, but you'll find articles in english and if you open articles with russian title, you can find parts in english too. I simply had not time to translate what I read.That blog is a sort of my "student library",where I post what I have to learn or to understand.

Good luck to all us.

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