Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emotions. Best photos From The European Championship

Best photos of the emotional moments of European Football Championship 2008
are in the today article on
Some of them you see here but these are only most emotional.

Franck Ribery

Gianluigi Buffon

Volkan Demierel and Jan Koller

Roman Pavljuchenko

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


  1. It's great what a ball can do to human!

  2. Good photos - You probably hate me on two fronts now... not only did my adopted country Spain knock out Italy on penalties, they also gave Russia a stern lesson with a 3-0 win and then went on to win their first European Champiobship for over 50 years! I was celebrating with the Spanish, in true Spainsh style all night!

  3. I'm not interested in football, sincerely, but I know that Russia was one of the worse in it for all the life. So when my friends said me, they were so near to win, I was very happy for them: it means they CAN. My italian friends were all for Russia in that game with Spain.

    I like to observe the life here when there are championships. It's incredible and I divert myself very much. Imagin, you had incredible time with these celebrations there!

  4. european people are nuts about football. I dont know whats so special about it .


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