Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Mobile Phone As A Mirror Of The Society

Че за модель?
«Че за модель?» на Яндекс.Фотках

What is a mobile phone useful for? To call your friends? To make a photo of such a squirrel?
No. To study your behaviour model and to use this knowledge for different aims.

To say you if there is one of your friends in the same zone in this or that time.
Or to catch you if you are a criminal.
To track your children (or maybe your husband or your wife).
Or to plan traffic in a city.
Or prevent outbreaks of disease.

All this is possible if scientists (or others) will track our movements monitoring calls and SMS's for 3 months and create the map of our everyday life. It's enough to add some/a sensor in your phone.
Because the studies demonstrated that
-Most people also move less than 10km on a regular basis
-humans wander in an apparently random fashion, similar to a so-called "Levy flight" pattern displayed by many foraging animals.
-The vast majority of people move around over a very short distance - around five to 10km
-people tend to return to the same few places over and over again
(BBC News)
It's unpossible to live without somebody did not spy you...


  1. I think the mobile phone is the best invention ever. You're in constant contact with everyone you care. Over here, I used to think why some school children have handphones; now, I am all for it. When they neede their mom and dad, they just have to dial. It's faster than running to them!

  2. :))) So far I know about it, the children do everything possible to take their parents far from them. Like my nephew and his friends.

  3. It's a privilege to be able to cling to parents!


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