Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finally At Home!

Yes, it's what I think from the moment I woke up this morning: Finally At Home! So like is written. Every word begins with a great letter. Finally some hours of my normally slowly-slowly lazy-lazy life.

May is a terrible month. There are too many things to do always. And first of all cherries, sure. Now we have the second part of pick up period. And the life is not so beautiful as when we worked with first cherries. Because these trees are very high and "uncomfortable". Every muscle had aches, the poor soul is trembling from the fear we have standing there in the summit of the trees.

I participated on the ritrit in Pozzuoli.
It was very good and interesting time, but to go there I had to wake up at 5 in the morning every day and to run for train coincidences. Sincerely I like it, but it's hard if you are not trained. I'll write some posts about it in "Vacation And Travel Talk" later.
But the first impression of that zone was bad. Because I found real mountains of stinking refuses letterally on every step.

Before I went in Pozzuoli, I had to organize an excursion in Nocera Superiore for our Archeological Group of Salerno. Our Director wanted to visit the Necropolis of Pizzone. The problem is that the Archeoclub of Nocera has not enough persons to have the monuments open as the Group of Salerno does. I told you that I go from time to time to open the museum. And the monuments in Nocea Superiore are always closed. So to have the Necropolis open for the excursion of our Group I had to learn everything was possible about it and to open it for all visitors. Imagine that I had only 2 days before ritrit for learning... And the "event" was the next morning after ritrit! Morning too!!! My dear god!!! I turned home at 11 in the night the day before...

At the end seems everything finished good with the excursion and with visits of all other persons. They said to be satisfied. Archeoclub of Nocera forgot about me the same day, but it's not important, even if they could say me at least some words. Surely they will remember me, when they need collaborations next time. Well, it's the life.

The best thing is that after these hurry periods I learn to appreciate my slowly and lazy life inside the nature. :)))

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