Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Rich And Poor -To Pay Or Not To Pay

This is a theme that I find today in different "dimensions": the rich persons that don't want to pay anything they have to pay and the poor persons that pay everything they have to.

Yes, I have this experience too. Once I had 2 girls that visited me for private lessons. The girls were from different families. One was the daughter of my neighbour that was owner of her private law counseling firm, the mother of other worked in an office. I had not very high pay for hour even if it was high enough for a person like the mother of the second girl, but she paid me regularly. My neighbour did not want to pay. She said me always she has not so little sum that she had to give me. After about 6 month I had to send these girls home because I could not allow me to work without payment.

Now I received a letter from a good friend that organizes special meetings. He writes the same in his mail: the rich persons that want to visit these meetings don't want to pay them. These persons live in the most rich places of his city and have most high salaries. But they never want to pay the relatively little sums for rental room where the meetings take part. The most interesting is, writes my friend, that the poor persons that visit these meetings had always paid all the sum, that is too high for them, without asking about more low prices.

Now I read a report about Google Italy. They say, the company avoided to pay taxes for different (5) years that reached 240 millions of Euro.

Do you know, why rich are rich and poor are poor?


  1. Oh yes! The rich live for money. It is all important to them to keep it!

    These words from a song are sadly true - "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer"

  2. I wanted to post once a link to an article from an important newsletter that listed the most rich persons in the world and the conditions they live in. One of them for example uses the same tea-bags more and more times and dryes them on the window to re-use...

  3. Oh my! This must be why I am poor! One teabag for each cup ha ha!

  4. Ah, you understand finally!

    I don't remember the name of this precise person (the fact discovered police when came in his flat to take him for hidden enormous sum of taxes) but in the list there was the name of Mr. Ikea, to give you one to understand the level of the "partecipants"...

  5. The rich are clever people as they always try ways to dodge paying huge amount of taxes and usually get away. So they try their luck to avoid paying in other circumstances to save more money without realizing that they are being inconsiderate. While the poor with little money are more considerate people and always think of consequences affecting other if they don't pay.

  6. You are right, Fatiah, to be rich a person has to have "special" qualities of the soul.


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