Monday, June 23, 2008

In Vino Veritas

«Винно-фруктовый» на Яндекс.Фотках

I read an interesting for me article in telling about cardio-protective foods. Yes, it's true, we read about it every day, but sometimes you read that this or that aliment is good, other time they write that it's bad. It's unpossible practically to understand where is the truth.

Here there are some of these doubtful foods all together.
Well, much fiber, less salt, red meat and fats -generally.

And these other too:
Garlic. 1-2 cloves a day.
Well, nobody whant to say that garlic is not good. It is VERY good for our health. But in this quantities? I know, veterinarians say to give 1 clove a week to the dogs to tke them free from parasits.
Garlic is very irritating for intestines. And if you eat it in this quantities every day you can become great problems.

I don't speak about fish. Maybe it's really good, but I don't eat it.

Red wine. 1 glass a day during your meals.
It has anti-cancer potential as well as cardio-protective action yes. But. The sugars of the red wine make you ad kilos very easily. And you know, how is difficult to turn back to the normal weight.
I like red wine for it's profume and special taste. But what will be with me if I begin to drink it every day? You know? I -yes, I know.
Other heart-friendly foods include dark chocolate (try Green & Black's new Dark 85% bar, £1.66 from most supermarkets), as well as olive oil, tea, oats, tomatoes, ginger and turmeric. (from the article)
By the way, if we speak about chocolate...


  1. You have to exercise too!

  2. Oh my god, everything you like to have you have first exercise...

  3. There ar garlic supplements out there and I hear they give the same benefits as the fresh ones....

    Regarding chocolate, I'll take you up on that anytime LOL......


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