Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mass Suicide Reasons

This photo about 24 stranged dolphins I found in an article written by Philip Hoare and published by DailyMail yesterday. There are many beautiful photos there and the article is very interesting too, but I thought about "highly intelligent" mammals, like humans, that have this interesting, I would say "artistic taste", for mass suicide.

I tell about foolish love for "pater of the nation", for "messiah", for everybody or everything.

There are interesting legends in Caucasus (many similar with different ends).
There were a boy and a girl that loved one other very much. They wanted to live together but their families would never accept it. So disperate youngs decided to suicide themselves. They went on the high rock and decided to jump down. The boy was the first an died. But the girl thought a little about it and turned home.

So, the girl THOUGHT.
Why a crow of similarly thinking persons (sometimes "highly intelligent") don't think? Even if they see their "messiah's" unequal behaviour. Like that 37 persons (4 children) burried in a cavern near Penza/Russia in spring when they waited for the end of the world. And many other cases.

Have you seen these videos?

How could "a survived member of the family" film it??? WHY???

Well, in this last case seems these persons were forced to commit suicide -after I've seen other parts.


  1. Would you believe it if I say these dolphins follow some kind of strange religion?

  2. I said you, Footiam, that I adore your way of thinking?
    You know, you are right.
    I's a mad world.

  3. I was watching National Geographic and they featured some dolphins torturing/ killing their own kind. Very bizaare happenings indeed :(

  4. Yes, it's true. Sometimes they show documentaries about really cruel behaviour of dolphins. We like to think that they are ideal, but...


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