Monday, June 16, 2008

New Money Making Possibilities (Tested) For All Internet Users

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I write ot so often about money making possibilities now and nobody remembers today that this blog began with many posts about it. First of all, because those I personally passed through were scams. I was new in informatica, in internet, I had not friends interested in this things and there was nobody who could tell me something about this business. So, passed these little troubles and tragedies, I wanted to tell my experience to others that are so as I am.

Today I'm interested to build my own serious business that could give me indipendance, but I think that little sources of money are always comfortable and if they are many, these sources, they can give us even interesting adds. That is why I accept if my friends give me this possibilities.

Time ago if you was a member of an affiliate program, you had to cover your referral link because those who is not new in this searches are very clever. They did not sign up with your referral link but went directly to the "mother"-site and you remained without your honest % from the money distributed from the site. The person that did it, did nothing good for himself, he/she did that the site owner could take this coin-percent in own pocket.

Fortunatelly today the technology made this step forvard and there are possibilities to avoid this problem. But the best possibility is that to partecipate on the paid program you HAVE TO BE "presented" by an other person. So you HAVE TO TURN to the person where you found the link and you have to use the referral link. It's really great. So, you don't need lose time to arrive to the page that says you: Now insert the link of the friend that told you about this possibility. You can directly click MY referral link.

Today I want to present you 2 new programs that give you possibility to earn some coins more -your "pizza money", at place to ask everybody who enters your blog to give you some coins for coffee.

First is a search engine for your browser at base of Yahoo! Works actually with IE and FF. You make your searches with this SE and they devide their money with you. Payment methods are PayPal, UK Bank Transfer, International Bank Transfer (IBAN). I tryed a similar program with Agloco (and others), but was never paid by it. Sincerely I don't know if there is somebody more fortunate as me, but I read a communication that they were not successful. I don't know about this program, seems that it counts my searches. Well, will see. Why do it gratis with other SE-s if I can have some coins. I wanted to try it.

The other program I joined latelly is It's a new social network that is actually in Beta and promises to divide 80% of advertising income between active users, that means "to logs in his/her “REP” account a minimum of 30 times a month. These log ins can be done once a day, several times a day, or within one hour". They will open a Marketplace where you can sell your goods too. Seems interesting. There are members that offer you other programs to work with. So, it can be interesting for you too. And the most interesting is that you can't lose your referrals because they need you.


  1. Sounds interesting Liudmila. Update us more what you think of the program after sometimes.

  2. Hi Liudmila,

    Sorry its been so long since I last visited, I seem to be so busy with my own site swhich no number so many I have to keep them all in one big excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all!

    These money making scvhemes may sound good, and maybe they'll earn some money I don't know. But with experience with this kind of thing in the past where big promises were made but never delivered, like Agloco, make me wary of such schemes now.

    You would do just as well to create 20 squidoo lenses and write in them often keeping them up to date and you also get a share of their monthly revenue.

    It is not much but I usually manage around $12 a month from this.

    The real revenue comes from the links these squidoo lenses provide to my other sites to increase their own authority and bring search traffic to them.

    By the way, I like you new layout - its much cleaner and loads up a little quicker than before!


  3. I'mnot very sure, Fatiah, that it will be so good as sounds. I'll update all you about it with time.

    I agree with Terry, that it's very complicate with these new programs.

    But. And here I just answer to Terry, I think, social networking programs are good as an other point of pubblicity gratis. That is essential for me.

    Unfortunatelly, it's difficult to maintain and to be member of many sites. I am in the same conditions now too. Need to create a very clear and precise organizing of everything I have to do.

    Thank you, Terry for remembering me about squidoo. I've forgot completely about it.


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