Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lamp Decorations In Salerno

I told you some time ago that the lamp decorations in Salerno were "special" this year.

Normally, the population loves lamp decorations very much here, so all the streets are decorated some days before every feast with a sort of enormous pictures (flowers, circles, lines and sometimes entire "paintings") made with colored lamps.

In Salerno there were only some simple figures in previous years. Maybe because the streets are too eng here. This year the artists were more creative. They made little geometrical pictures. But the lamps are not "nude", they are covered with down parts of PET-bottles.



  1. And what is the reason of these decorations?

  2. :)))Christmas and New Year. And who knows maybe they -as me- celebrate feasts of all religions... So the life is more colorful.

  3. Oh, that's nice. We have lamp decoration here too now that Chinese New Year is around the corner.

  4. And where is the address of the post about it????? :-))


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