Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day Without Rain In Nocera Superiore

I claim it too often this year, excuse me this refrain, but we really have significant change of climate here. In more then 13 years that I live here I've never seen that rain continue without stop for 2 months. From other side, the temperature is always high. There were only 2-3 days when it was about +8°C. This is not very good for plants and it can happen that the cold period will come when the plants will be sowed.

From Friday we are very fortunate: the sun showed us it's face. I had to go to the post in Nocera Superiore and made some photos to the left and to the right from the office. The mountain you see in the background is that where I came from. ;-) There I live on the right downhill. It is 35-40 minutes of the walk.

The old wall on the left of the photo is medieval aqueduct. All you see is situated over the Roman town. In the last period the municipality decided to make the town interesting for tourists and restructured many parts. If you see the other photo, sight on the left from the office, you maybe can distinguish the most important historical building of Nocera Superiore, a Baptistry of the VI century.


  1. Hi Liudmila, schöne Bilder!
    Как далеко от вас Скалея? Мы смотрели в Интернете, что там строят и продают дома. Мой ещё не расстался с идеей купить домик. Но не старый. У меня появилась племянница!
    Что-то он меня не хочет признавать, как блогера. Буду писать анонимно.

  2. It looks very beautiful and I'm glad you got some sunshine :O)

  3. ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ!!!!!!!!!!! А я-то думала вы там до того разболелись, что аж загнулись, а вы празднуете!

    Никогда не слышала такого названия... Хотя дома везде строят, куда ни поедь. Жить-то людям надо. А вот мой муженёк в октябре уже собирается в Аргентину. Блин, времени мне мало осталось. Послушала его разговор с сестрой и мамочкой, так мне так сильно хочется с ними "воссоединяться"...

  4. Oh, dear Babs, it was not too long, this fortune, today the rain is here once more, and they say it will remain till the end of the week...

  5. There is a change in climate here too! Once, it doesn't rain like it used to and now, it is raining too much!

  6. Ah, these are not very good changes. I would like if the temperature become not so hot here...


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