Friday, January 09, 2009

Sad And Lost

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The days from the return of my PC home were terrible for me. The first surprize, when I turned it on, was that all my blogs in english have PR0. I am not very brave with this all processes an was really shoked to see it. What have I do now? What was the reason of such decision? Are my blogs the worsest in the net?
I don't understand.
Some days I was not able to see the world in normal way. These blogs are essential for me, you know. And now?
What to do?

Not only this. I had a code to analyze the visitors of my blogs, I used that program for many years and thought this program is good for me. I'm sure that it is not a virus. But antivrus declares these codes as viruses. So at the end I had to renounce on it today. And it was a comodity that I lost too...

I feel lost now.
With all other problems that I have in this period, this last about my blogs is really what throws me in the hole of depression.

девочка и ноутбук
«девочка и ноутбук» на Яндекс.Фотках


  1. The PR thing is absurb but if you depend it to make money, then getting PR O is a nightmare. My beautiful world used to be PR 3 but now it has PR O for a long time but I don't think that blog is that bad. I have seen worse blogs with PR 3. It would be nice to have PR but since God is not giving, I try not to let it bother me.

  2. You are right, I have not to lose my head from disperation. I can't change it and have to accept.


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