Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Reading And Eating

I love reading. It's a part of my existance. If I can't read, the life becomes too empty and impossible.

If undisturbed, I can read days and nights. If the book is good, I read it till the end without thinking about hours. My family normally accepts it if there is nothing important to do.

When I worked I had not time to read because I was too busy. Specially I had not time to read in other languages. Because I was a teacher of foreign languages, and at that time had not many possibilities to speak with persons coming from other countries, and the TV has not foreign chanals, I had to read books. I had many splendid books in German and some in English too. But was always busy to read them. What to do?

I resolved the problem in simply way: I read when I ate. You need some time to eat. Suppose, about 30 minutes 3 times a day. In this period your eyes are not busy. So you can read.

Some persons can read in the bus or other transport, but I can't. I feel very bad -giddy, sick. So this solution was not good for me. The only time I had for it was the time when I ate. Nothing to do.

So, I cutivated this habit at least 10 years. Maybe it was not so good for health as some doctors say, but I had not other possibility. And it was very sly solution too. We don't like the complications. If I ha to read a difficult book in other conditions, I would maybe never finish even one of them. Because I would read it with a dictionary and woud translate every word I did not know. In this way I would never have enough patience to arrive at the end of a book.
But the situation I created was perfect. Because you read without a dictionary -and the brain has to use all it's resources to understand. Well, I had a big enough dictionary in the head, but we rarely use all we have in the head.

Mmmm... The problem is that now I can't eat if I do not read. My husband wants to eat "together" with me, and he doesn't like a book in my hand when we eat. ;-) Imagine, I feel so that the food I eat canot be digest if I don't read when I eat. And now I have to read even if I don't want it.


  1. I think we are creatures of habit, and they are hard to break sometimes.

  2. It's true, habits make part of our well-being. Psychologists say, they form for us the picture of who we are. Maybe it's my case too. :-)

  3. I like reading too but lack the time these days. It is very unlike those schooldays where we have so much time on our hands but was too lazy to read!

  4. When we are joung, the time is long but we use it for ... other things, when we become adult the time flys and we have never possibility to do what we have not done when joung.


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