Saturday, January 24, 2009

Landslide In Vietri. No victims fortunately

What you see on this photo is the situation we live from the middle of November. Here you see the mountains over Nocera, they are in front of other famous in all the world town, Sarno. This zone is similar to a soup plate with Vesuvius in the middle.

What is bad in all this story, that the earth becomes too full of water and beginns to slip from the mountains. Or fall from them. Together or on the heads of those who is so unfortunate to happen in this place in that moment. Some km in front of this place where I made the photo, this autostrada passes under the mountain you see on the left side. About 5 years ago the landslide covered it and there was a car in that moment there. Unfortunatelly for the driver.

Yesterday I went in Salerno for a meeting of our Archeological group. The weather was not good but it did not rain all the day. So I decided to go there because I did not go there for different weeks. The meeting began at 19:00. I came there with a bus and everything was good at that hour. I had to stay there till 20:30 in Salerno, than I had to turn back at feet to make some "fitness", for about 4 km. My husband worked till 22:00 and he had to come after job with the car in that village I reach at that time and we turn home together. The road where I live is too "wild" and difficult to walk up it at feet, so I prefere to make my "fitness" in more populated and flat places.

Thestreet I walk when I go out of Salerno is in the middle of this photo with the fence picted in blue. Practically, it is cut in the rock till Cava (about 6 km). Yesterday evening it was completely blocked with the cars.
Not only the road but houses, rooms, even a fabric of ceramics are applyed to the rocks.

Near this fabric of ceramics in Vietri just behind the man on the left is a bus stop. Rocks felt on this bus stop. When I came only some stones remained there.The road was cleaned. Fortunately nobody was waiting for the bus under that construction in that moment.

Here you see what remained from that big and beautiful construction that was there to protect persons from rain...


  1. Landslide is a common occurence in our part of the world.

  2. The persons like to live under the crater of Vesuvius -landslides are something so little near that...

  3. А что с фотографиями? что они такие расплывчатые? ты их из окна фотографировала?

  4. Нет, это с телефона, да ещё и дождь почти проливной начался.

  5. Oh dear. The elements can be very frightening and dangerous at times!

  6. Unhappily not all are so fortunate. The notice of yesterday evening: a landslide covered a minibus and killed 2 persons. 5 are in a hospital.


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