Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Languages We Speak

а на тетрадке мягче
«а на тетрадке мягче» на Яндекс.Фотках

Don't know why I began to think about languages today. I am always surprized about great quantity of different italian languages. Every region has an otheer language and the Italian I speak is a Roman dialect made usable for all Italy. But there are many persons -specially those who lives in the zones like this one, where I live, not only old but those relatively young, about 40-50,- that do not speak other language as dialect of own zone.

The other interesting thing is that -and it happens often enough to me- the Italians ask me something, look at my foreign face and do not understand Italian I speak. Not that I do not speak a correct language. No. My language is correct and I speak very good. But the persons wait that I speak very bad, they are ready to hear very wrong language -and do not understand when they hear correct speach.

Example. In Naples, we come to one person that tells about her organization to those who wants to hear about it. I was interested because it was about the job for those who needs it -and I do. The woman asked me: Where are you from? -I'm from Salerno. -What is it? I've never heard this name? -Salerno is Salerno. It's a city. -No, no, I don't know. Were is it? -My dear Lady, it's a city 60 km on Sud from Naples. Very beautiful, you know. -Salerno? Ah, Salerno??? -Yes. I'm from Salerno. -Ahhh... she lost any interest and went to an other person.

(Do you think, she was joking? No, she was serious, but she was waiting to hear a word that she had never heard, and she did not understand what is Salerno even if she lives 60 km from this city all her ife.)

Than I thought, I have to read more blogs of my friend Beetle: she writes a beautiful correct English. I learned English when I was a student. Our department of the German language had not a teacher of English for our group, I don't know why, and we had to study with books and audios. The language I speak I call "Universal English". Maybe it has a special name but I don't know it. My languages are too correct in sense that I try to build frases so as it was written in the manuals. So as it was in the books I read. I don't tell you about errors now -it's clear that there are too many of them.

But I want to say that I have less problems to understand the speach, when I hear BBC, for example, or read a blog of Beetle as when I hear Fox or read American boggers.


  1. It's the same here! Chinese for example speaks different dialects. Maybe, I should blog on this!

  2. It would be interesting to read about it! For me is not very clear so great differences in the languages in one nation. Russians speak one language, the dialects are not completely different as in Italian, as example.


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