Tuesday, January 13, 2009

About Games And Bush

Some days ago I was surprized reading an article about Bush. That article reviewed a speach of ex-president where he confesses the faults he made being the first person of one (or maybe most) of the biggest powers in the world. The wars. Now, when hundreds of thousands persons are innoncently killed, he confesses.

Yes, I want to write about games but I become furious to think about it and about zombies here in Italy and all over the world that cryed that Bush is right to send soldiers to kill these or others. Those were not his personal sons and daughters. Those he sent and those were killed.

Move your brain, cryed I, most persons killed there had never seen an athomic bomb. Why Bush needs to kill them? Not for athomic bomb, surely. Nobody said a word -and says till today- (states of the world) against the atomic bombs with that US killed and distructed the lives of innocent japponese persons. Now Bush is afraid of an athomic bomb of Iraq... Bush is afraid not of that mitical athomic bomb, but to lieve the dominant position of all that petroil to somebody else.

Is Bush worried about albanians and others? Don't tell supidities! There are hundreds other places where the situation is much more worser as there. Why Bush needs to "help" with his athomic arms in THIS region? Don't tell me that you have never heard that US-army used different new weapons and athomic too there. Not big bombs, as in Japan, little.

Now he confesses...

Some time ago Footiam wrote about a journalist that throwed his shoes against Bush. It was a protest for him because Muslims think that the sole is very dirty place. Who could understand it? Bush did not understand. I could not understand too if Footiam did not explain it, sincerely.

Did you know that those shoes, of that journalist, cost now $10 mil.? And the fabric Baydan Shoes that made that "model 271" had to add 100 workers to make enough of "Bush shoes" and has some hundreds thousands orders? (and he, the journalist, will pass 7,5 years in a prison)

Here you can find one of he games about that incident if you scrol this page (http://www.vz.ru/politics/2008/12/24/239934.html) -click on the step if you want to play. You can choose different models, and because it's russian, there is a national russian valenki too, but their power as a gun is lower as others.

The other curiosity about it is that in Ukraina was made a game "Throw a shoe in Juschenko (president of Ukraina)"


  1. The price of the Bush shoes had increased? Wow, that's news!

  2. As I understood, they call "Bush shooes" the shoes that journalist threw in Bush. Maybe Bush's name is easier to pronounce as the name of that journalist.


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