Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chapels Of The New Castel, Naples

I wrote different times about the New Castel of Naples in the last period and posted many fotos of it. I like this building and can say you it's something that perfectly reflects own name: Maschio Angioino. "Maschio" in sense of the symbol of the male power.
In this post I wanted to show you 2 chapels of the castel: one is the chapel for the owners, other is a chapel for those that had to be executed.

The chapels -is it not strange?- are situated one near the other. One is that high with the white entrance on the left. The other is behind the restoration cloth. Behind the first arch.

Каппеллы Нового Замка

Каппеллы Нового Замка

Каппеллы Нового Замка


  1. nice photos. though i am not a practising catholic, i always enjoy checking out old churches.

  2. Who knows, maybe we remember the previous lives when we enter churches...

  3. Interesting. Can you expound on that previous life theory?

  4. My thought is this:
    1 -Everybody of us knows that there is SOMETHING in the old, very frequented churches. Where many persons repeated prayers for centuries and often with great emotions. It's a fact, believe you in a God or non believe. You can feel a "presence".

    By the way, we know that the churches were built on "special" places, where the positive energy (or what it is) is higher as in other places. "Power points".
    We can say, in this our theory, 1+1=2, we have double power point.

    As a proof we can remember that mother that goes in a such church to pray for her dieing son. And she is heard. You can pray in any place but in these "double power" places is easier to reach the "universe" or how you want to call it.

    Said this,
    2 -If we go in a such church, relax and try to enter in meditational state, we have to have access to what we want to access. With all respect to the Protectors of the place.

    Now, about the previous lives.
    Because you can receive any information easier as in other place, you can concentrate on your previous lives. It's enough to listen and to hear what is said to you. Feelings, visions, voices...

  5. Thank you for the insightful reply. This is the first time I've heard of locations with such emanated power.

  6. As I know, all modern religions accept this point of view, about the "power points". Maybe they call them with other words. And the modern science agree with them.

    Just today I read an antient tibetan text (translation, clear) where Machig Labdron had a task to visit a great number of power points to have access to certain Teachings.


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