Thursday, October 01, 2009

Italian Wild Beauty

«МОИ ЦИКЛАМЕНЫ.» на Яндекс.Фотках

You see the Cyclamen on this photo. And maybe you are surprized: why I write about wild beauty in the title of my post. But from the times I live on the hills of the Italian Sud I learned there are really many wild equivalents of well known cultivated hybrids. Iris as example. Have you ever seen wild iris??? Incredible creation! Green with brown. I think I have the photos in this blog.

This period is the period of the wild cyclamens. And imagine, they are miniatures of the hybrids! And the plant's origins are here, in Mediterranean area! And it's name is C. neapolitanum

Дикий цикламен

Дикий цикламен

Later I'll add here a video so that you can walk with me and enjoy the wild cyclamins here.

Next time will be better quality! Promise! :0)))


  1. I have seen irises in a famous painting but over here, no; we have other flowers.

  2. It could be interesting to see them in your posts, Footiam.

  3. Oh how lovely! I love Cyclamen and can't imagine them growing wild :)

  4. Imagine me when I found that flowers for the first time. It was something that I can't describe. Years pass but my feelings are the same. Now I understand why the flowers flower only 1 time a year. So we can enjoy them every time as a first time. ;-)


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