Thursday, October 01, 2009

How To Cook String Beans

Fresh string beans, boiled, are one of my preferite plates in the last period. I have to eat only boiled vegetables now. It is very good for health, I know about it from the times I was interested in Ayurvedic healing. I read at that time: the persons like me (body form) have not to eat fresh vegetables. They have to eat only boiled vegetables.

My husband does not like boiled foods too. He preferes fryed ones. So it is practically impossible to convince him to eat something boiled. But... when he sees me eating somethiung "special" he wants to taste what I eat. ;-) Imagine, he eats all my boiled vegetables now.

It is not difficult to cook string beans. "Difficult" is to clean them. Because if you bought them fresh, you have to eliminate all their "tails". From both sides. And you have to remain only their "body".

After that you have to put them in boiling salted water (not to much!) and boil them about 15 minutes. Put them in a plate, add olive oil (I use olive+sesame oil, they say sesame oil is very good for health too) and vinegar (balsamic vinegar from Modena). You can see them on the lunch photo here too: Simple Rules Of Healthy Meals And Weight Loss


  1. So simple and healthy. We always have it fried. We fry almost everything which I know is not good. I should try your style.

  2. ...and it seems you are in the part of the globe where Ayurveda has to be diffused... ;-)

    I never eated this type of vegetables at home. I learned about them here, in Italy. But this mode can be tasty too. :0)


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