Monday, October 12, 2009

Strong Men

Well, you understand what I whant write about after you've watched this video. No, I don't like neither understand this sport but it has to be important for a man to feel such a strong person. My husband likes it too and does some exercises every day.

I think, everybody of us has own ...mmm... special point. If I was a man I would learn a martial art. I think, all these great muscles do not serve much if you don't know to use them. It's my opinion. If I would have a son, I would like he is able to protect himself and his loved ones thanks to a sport he would practice.

I remembered this championship you've watched because I read about the most powerful man of Russia, Elbrus Nigmatullin, today. He draged a 760 tons ship along the ground for 20 meters. This was his own record.

Some time ago I read about a 12 years old boy (Russian Bruce Khlebnikov) that could drug cars and ships too. Watch this other video. You don't need to understand what they say. Look what is he able to do...


  1. The men are strong and silly.

  2. ...specially this thought comes in the head when one confront these 2 videos. :-)

  3. Maybe they should spend their time planting crops.

  4. And if they turned dinamo machine and produced electricity? We would not need atomic stations that create so many problems...


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