Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Same Problems

First of all I want to say you, my dear friends, those who don't find me in internet for weeks, I'm very sorry, but it is not my fault. I'm about one month without telephone line here. Probably it's very old and every wind or rain damages it. I think, the tecnics wanted to kill me when I called them the tenth time. And when it was the elevenyth time they said me: now we will first control. And they controlled. And there was not line in that moment.

And so they said me: Oh, excuse us, signora, there is an external problem here. We will repair it. But we need 4 days, till Thursday.

Oh my god, other 4 days!!!!! I'm an entire month without telephone line (from September, 20, imagine!) !!! All my relatives don't know what is happend with me, specially because I was so ill in the last period. The only mode is the cell.

Well, today is Wednesday and I found the telephone working, so I write this short post only to explain the situation for those who is following me and do not find me here. See you soon. I hope...


  1. Wow that's a long time being out of touch from the rest of the world. Thank God its ok now.

  2. I hope it is. :0) But the problems are not finished here. Unfortunatelly the PC works worse and worse and there are not technics who can repair it..


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