Thursday, October 01, 2009



«молния» на Яндекс.Фотках

Storms are very spectacular in Italy, you know. And September is the time of the storms and the lightnings. You need asolutely special protection for all your electronic devises. If not, you great possibility to change them after every storm. 

Some years ago we bought a very last model ogf the Sony-TV and were sooooo infinitely happy about it... My husband was, I rarely watch it normally. That TV was his dream, it was big etc. You've just undferstand that it lasted till the next storm with lightnings. My friend remained without his PC together with all the periferic adds. So is it. It's the nature and nothing is possible to change.

But today I wanted to tell you where I was all this time, two weeks.

The victim of the lightning of the September, 20 was the collecting box of the telefon line of our street. Telecom needed only 2 weeks and threats from my side to send somebody to repair the line. So, finally, this evening they came here, and I can return with you, here, in internet.

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