Friday, October 09, 2009

The Reaction Of The People In Italy

Демонстрация В Каве (дым на площади) This autumn in Italy is tragic for many working persons because they remained without job. I just turned home and heard in TV that the new Minister of the Education decided that the schools do not need some of teachers. There are precarious teachers here. And they were fired. In the province of Salerno those were 2000 teachers.

Among many other sides the age is very important here. If you have more than 35 years it is sentence for you. It is practically impossible that you will ever find a job. Well, if you have less than 35 and you desire to have a job, you have invent it for you. So the government says. The other sides are: you are woman, foreigner...

I watched TV news when a woman, tied to the fence of her school, cryed that her husband was fired, and he has 46 years, and that means he will never find job, and she remained without job now... etc

This fryday is a day of strikes. We could not understand what is happend in Cava when we went there this morning. All the streets were full of the students of different schools, they were everywhere. And when we came in the central part of the town the manifestation was there. They cryed and made great noise and exploded petards. On my foto you can see (not very clear but it is possible to understand) that smoke in the center, in the square.

Interesting is that those who partecipate are always students. Young men. Why?


  1. Doesn't sound like a very caring government there!

  2. No, they are very carung: they rise their own salary every month, I think.


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