Thursday, December 14, 2006


I go out in the street.Days passed near PC can't replace normal everyday life.Ah! The sun is shying as in summer,there is no wind,it's really warm.Infact,that woman has a blouse with short handles...

Now I see finally people wait for Christmas.Our street is adorned with inflatable Santas hanging under the windows of almost all houses.How is it possible?All residents buyed the same Santa?But the street is nice.

Some days I read news about "Christmas wars" and how "the godless liberals and atheists" transgress centuries-old christian tradition.Here in Italy maybe -fortunately- nobody thinks about it.Everybody everywhere makes a manger scene.From little and great and alive statues.They say, it brings fortune to see these scenes.I post them here for you.

In the evening,24 December,after 18:00,you can find nobody in the street.Some mad car,maybe.The holy tradition to eat in the family this evening.

Not many persons are here in the street.Most of them are shopmen,that have nothing to do in their shops and pass the day for the door of their bench to look on rare bypassers,to speak with colleagues and to drink coffee.Shop-signs change with incredible speed in our zone.Only few businesses resist more than some months.Very poore befor,with euro most hardly arrive to the end of the month.So in this period you can find bars and pizzerie every 20 meters and supermarkets every 50.And to think that some years ago there were only 2 supermarkets in all Salerno and 2 here, in all our zone.Once there were many discounts where you could buy food of little quality, and you could pass all day in toilett after you had eaten it.Today you can find discounts too and you have to see what happens there in the days of great shopping,friday and saturday.

One woman with a little child enter in the street.The girl sees the great Santa for one of the shops.You remember the enormous eyes of a child that sees a "real Santa"?His astonishment?Can you immagin YOU on his place?Try to live it again,this sense of miracle.It's beautiful.And if you do it every day befor Christmas and New Year....Yes,what I said?Ah,the girl...The owner of the shop immediately wakes up from his lethargy,but the woman is able to pull her doughter in time away.The shopman falls asleep for his door once more.

What do you want,it's true,in popular culture miracle and all hopes represent Santa Claus and the Tree and not the story about infant Jesus.I think this comes from our ancestral roots.From our memory of the times, when we knew to be children of the Nature,and respected our Mother else.We remembered She can give us everything and can deprive us of everything.Maybe we could be more happy if we could turn back to respect her.

And now is time for me to enter the bar too.A cup of coffee will bring me in reality.

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  1. Thanks for you account on "Christmas in Salerno". Very entertaining, and the changes that are taking place, really, all over the world. Jesus child is the only thing that people still remember. Mostly father Christmas. He is a very old figure from the North. The Samen, people who herd reindeer in the Arctic regions all look like Father Christmases in winter. I think this custom stems from their days and has been saved over in our times. The clergy could not tolerate this pagan rites and plastered the birth of the Christ over this tradition. The Mitraits, a very old religion from long ago celebrated the birth of the god Indra at about this time. Indra was a little got with a pointed hat, the "Mitra". People then celebrated his birth with much joy and many candles, just like today. The Christmas tree only came into the picture a few hundre years ago. It should keep away the bad spirits from the house at this time of the year. In Austria and Alpine regions they still fumigate the stables of the life stock with spruce sprigs to keep the bad spirits and desease out. You see, it all falls into place. Keep telling me about x-mas from the place where you were born.

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