Friday, December 29, 2006

News in my link collection

In this period I have very interesting -and I would say really important - adds to my link collection you can see on Interesting-links-I-found page of My Interests Site .

I had to create a special category for Yoga-links,where there are sites with photographical explanations of assanas of different levels from beginners to advanced yoga technics.Here there are Ashtanga Yoga,Sivananda site,Kundalini Yoga and others.Interesting chackra image is here .

Other very important part devided in different categories is about Archaeology,History,Arts.
Now in many sites there are TOP-s:top-events of the year ecc.Some of them I posted in News-from-all-the-world page.Museums on-line,tests and games about many branches of scients from post countries on the map,compose fantastic creatures with Leonardo and others.Very beautiful videos about animals.Beautyful photographies I post in MyKitchen in different places,not only in Photography-board.Something useful about Literature and Languages and ...

...and 36 (07/02/2007) sites where you can see funy-funny-fun pictures ! Read funy stories ! And other funy things.


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