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Once more about money making possibilities

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Eh...I hope everybody can feel this Christmas that is nearer and nearer.This evening I passed catching Christmas images and now I understand that the greatest feast of the year is not so far.I dedicate you this photo because you are the best and your success is coming,believe in it.

Next part of my money-making-possibilities voyage.
So I promised you to report here about my money-making-possibilities research.About 2 weeks ago I finished the story with new advices of internet-experts.They said me:post banners and links on your web-page,sit comfortable in your arm-chair and wait that money begin rain on your head.LOL.Not so,really.But you can earn something good enough.

It's very easy to create a site today.Completly gratis,without spending one cent.Everybody can do it,even if you see PC first time in your life.I don't know,if it could be interesting for somebody,maybe I will write one day about it.There are some tricks to know,but generally is very-very easy.

The problem is not to have a site.The problem is to have active visitors of your site.Not that you had understand that this masterpiece have to see as more persons as possible,this step you passed jet,but you did it to stay in contact with somebody,no?And today you want this site and this electronic device must earn their bread.And on this point we finished last time.

I said you,you can go to my site and see all what I will post during the next week.I went to Amazon.com,LinkShare and 2 other sites that offer links and banners to post.For Google I'm persona-non-grata,so this way was not for me.At first I was sad about it,but now I'm very content,because after I read terms of use very good,I don't like them.Read them,it's interesting,even fun and educative.
One of sites I cancelled from the memory of my PC and from my too is like Adsence.Those wrote to me:
-we don't accept you because you have other similar services on your pages.
Interesting.In that moment I had nothing,they were the first site I wrote.Other site,thanks,was more clear
-we don't work with new sites and those who has less than 500 visitors a day,
-who has not very interesting content,
other 6-7 reasons you can find what is about you.
LinkShare offers you many companies to ask for their banners and links.They have terms of use too.Some of them want you,others -no (-we don't work with those who has less then 10 000 visitors pro month),others don't write to you at all.
Bad feeling,you know.To be rejected.Today I learned "how to sell yourself"-article.Advise:the first you have to learn is to stand a reject,because only 1 or 2 of 50,100 your request-letters will give you work,other employers will reject you.

Yes,it's true.Some month earlier I passed many time to plant in my head the thought,that I'm good so as I am, and that I will reach success.It helped me with those rejects too.Befor, if I received those letters,I would be crushed,annihilate.Now I was a little sad,but I know,that I'm so good, and this is only a case,because it works in this way.Nothing.It works so,the thing.Next time I'll be more successful.The sun is hot.The water is wet.This world,that I explore now, works so.It is not personal for me,but the way to exist of this world.

So to finish about this sort of internet business,I have to add,that from those companies that accepted me,some did it only for about 40 days,others without limits.
Today,after about 2 weeks I have more then 1000 impressions and only from 5 (all LinkShare banners) till 26 (Amazon) clicks.Clicks.Not ordins.And after 2 weeks these sites will reject me too, while I do not sell.And they will have all reasons.
Somebody will say me,that to have profits from your business you have to work 2-3 years.Yes,it's true.When the famous terms and limits they write you.Pls answer this easy question:do you think those companies that alow you to post their banners on your site,don't know it?Were come these limits like 45 days from?Statistic I found once said, you have to wait for 1 ordin every 10 (or 100?) 000 impressions.....

I think,I have to read terms of these companies too.I hope they don't say me than that I have pay them for disturb...

I don't want to say you have renunce of this business creation.The only thing I say,we have to count these statistics in our beginning-plan.

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