Saturday, December 16, 2006

What do you know about Nocera?(1)

Salerno from highway

My dear Archeological Group of Salerno sent me an invitation to partecipate on the opening of a new exhibition "World of Animals in the Medioeval Art in Campania".Unfortunately I'm not a member of the group this year,but I like those nice persons and I miss them.

I like ancient history and learn everything I can about places where I live.But what I learned about Nocera was simply incredible.It's a pity,
many residents of this zone don't know proper history,traditions and go to look for them to americans and others.Americans,you are great,but we are interesting because we are different,not as from the same incubator.

When I come to live here,this zone was in a terrible condition but in last years it become as a flower that comes out in spring.The other flower in this bouquet is Salerno -beautiful,very quiet city,where you can walk through the streets in the night too.I love Salerno.It's mayor did great job and now it's a jewel.Salerno was founded by Roman veterans.In it's center the Archeological Group preserves Roman treasure in a little church of Longobards...Every step you do,under your feet there are many layers of history there.
Salerno See front
But Salerno has not so Great History as Nocera.Our city was capital of Sannits,it has it's own alphabet,there were battles and fashinating stories about Gots,Hannibal and senators,killed in thermae with steam...Like in those famouse films.Nocera was great many centuries befor Christ.
Maybe I have to tell you it's story...

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