Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How I decided to be a Writer

May I present you other photo to create Christmas feeling?

Did you try this?
This possibility I had not described you yet.In these period I study ways to become a writer.You can write articles,e-mails,eBooks,e-this,e-that...Oh yeees,there are rules and tricks to study.But it is closer to my original profession.So I try this too.Why not?Can it be I was writer from my birth,but never new about it?

I found 3 sites that offers money for writing and translating.2 of them wanted monthly fee (about 13 dollars) so I rejected them.(...I do it too...).So now I have one where I have not pay others for my work.

Go to terms (what do you think,I read them now) .I read some "essays",decided it's too difficult,begin with writing, have to see how write their expert writers and try to translate.It was incredible difficult.Maybe because it was the first time...or I didn't that work for a long time.
I don't know if they will pay me.But it will be a good training for me anyway.

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