Sunday, December 17, 2006

What do you know about Nocera?(2)

You are right.I tell you about Nocera and post photos of Salerno.Unfortunately the weather is not good and I can post only something old now.So here you see the only way from Nocera to Salerno.Why "the only"?There are mountins on the right (you see them) and on the left too.So all the ways passed millenniums ago and pass today only here,in the middle.
Where finish the earth (on the photo) begins the Sea.

And from sea came in the vale of Nocera interesting people named Pelasgi, that settled near one of the rivers.Today you see sewers on it's place (seems, somebody begin to understand it too),but 3 millenniums ago it was a big and beautiful river.In memory of their motherland pelasgi called it Sarno and themself Sarrasti.

Why leave this people their home?Somebody says it was the way to free their motherlands from excessive population.Greeks gave a vessel to a group of young man born in the same year and sent them to explore new places for colonies,Sannits sent those groups behind a sacred animal...Others think those goups had to look for metals for motherland.Others more tell about pirates and criminals catched from their earth...Maybe all these opinions are true.And we have the result:about 1 millennium befor Christ the vale of Nocera was populated by Pelasgi.

Have you ever thought about the sense of words? I know not many use to do it.
It's sooooo incredibly interesting! Where come this or that word from? Words very often conserve memories from our ancestral roots.Nobody remembers, only some word can reveal the secret...if there is one,who can understand what that word hides.Science, studies it, is called etymology.But when we speak about more then 3 millenniums ago even etymology hardly can help us too much.So we have to use immagination too.

Where came these persons from?Nobody knows it,clear.We can immagin Pelasgi liked travel very much.They rounded the world and rested their steps,memory of their motherland, in all places they had reached.
Crio (Macedonia),Creusa (Acaia),Crium (Creta),Cria (Licia)...
Nu-Kria("new" Kria)...Nu-ceria...Nocera -today.

We are romantic ,our specie.We can't feel happy if stay at home, but we are nostalgic when we are far from our house....

And Sarrasti? They controlled the vale of Nocera about 300 years and then gave up to other adventurers.

( review of "Storia di Nocera de'Pagani",G.Orlando,1884)

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