Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anomalous Year 2009

This year is decidely anomalous here in our zone. Look at this photo what a weather we have this 3-4 days.

Аномальный год (Облака Над Нашим Домом)

The forcast (you can find a good american weather forcast site in the right side of my blog "Vacation And Travel Talk" -they tell always the truth.) do not give any hope for this week. Imagine that this rains killed about 10 or more persons in all Italy. In Neapel there are different holes in the soil opened by great quantity of water where the entire houses fall down! Rains are very dangerous here. Specially in Naples where all the city is situating over the antique caves and catacombs.

It is maybe not very joyful, this what I wrote here. I wanted only to describe the situation. Specially for those friends that have to come here after tomorrow.

But I wanted to show all you other friends the beauty of these clouds. Really nice. And as for me, 20°Cis good weather in summer. So, I'm very happy.
By the way, on the photo is the hill where I live. :0)

Аномальный год (Облака Над Нашим Домом)


  1. I have many cloud photos too which I haven't posted.

  2. You arwe not right. Clouds and lightenings can be very impressive.


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