Monday, June 22, 2009

Views From And On The Pass

I told you that we have interesting and very sly ways here.
If you don't know these possibilities, it's possible you can rest for many hours blocked in a queue on the street. Normally we use these "sly roads". One of them is very important to know if you want to visit Amalfitan-Sorrento Coast. The only "official" way is very often blocked by traffic and different prolems. This road is normally free. And better too.

If yu see on it from Nocera, you see this: (the road is the white line under the rock on the right)


There is a special place to stop and enjoy the view there.

Right side


Central part


Left side


Do you recognize them?

In the stop place we found a fruit-seller that had a very special devise to weigh fruits. I've never seen something similar before I come to live in Sud Italy. And do not understand how it works till today.


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