Monday, June 22, 2009

If You Would Built A Church

What do you think is this?


Maybe you would never give the right answer if you would see this masterpiece of architecture in it's environment. It's a modern church. And there are different similar buildings in our zone. The color on my photo is not very clear because it was made with the cell from the expressway. But you can believe me, it's fast natural.

You would say, not every architect has to be a genius. No. I do not pretend to see something like this on every step.

Чудо архитектуры - Миланский собор.
«Чудо архитектуры - Миланский собор.» на Яндекс.Фотках

But I think, to "create" a building like a church imposes some obligations on the architect.
When I tell about Сhristian symbols to the tourists, I show them the entrances to the churches. The believer had to ASCEND to the church -once. Because the soul of the believer had to ascend to the faith. (I'm not a believer, you know)

I can confess you: MY soul WANTS to ascend when it sees a building like the cathedral of Milan.

And it wants to spit when it sees a church like that on the first photo.


  1. Красивый собор. Интересно что белый. Не пачкают его выхлопные газы. Или его каждый день чистят?

  2. Я думаю, что периодически чистят. В смысле раз в сто лет или около того. Я когда-то до него дошла раз, когда ждала поезда в Милане, так он был весь закрыт лесами.


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