Saturday, June 06, 2009

What Is Infinity

Here I want to post some photos made by me in the last days. We visited different places and we could look from there on the world around us. So, these are "panoramic" views from 3 mountains. My photo camera is not very good, old, so my photos are not too precise. But I think you can get the idea about the meaning of the world "infinity" looking on them.

First is the photo from Villa Cembrone in Ravello. Click to see original photos.


The same evening we crossed mountains Lattari to turn home and made some photos from one of them over Nocera


Finally 2 photos we made from cratere of Vesuvius

With the coast of Sorrento on the left side and island Capri on the right side behind the sea on the first photo


and all the settlings till Naples in the background on the second photo.

Do you agree with me that THIS is "Infinity"?


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