Monday, June 22, 2009


You know that we had many cherries this year. My husband did not want to pick them up personally and sold them "on the tree". It means someone comes and picks them up and sells them to a reseller.

On this photo you see the clever solution my husband adopted to have less work with the cherries: the tree is planted on the low level (it's a hill, you remember). The branches seem to grow from the upper level and you have not climb to high. Practically we can take most of them standing on the earth. It's very comfortable if you remember that the tree grows till 15-20 meters high.


Normally we pick up 1 pail in 2 hours. 1 box contains 2 pails and it is about 20 kg-s. So, we two make a box in 2 hours. The workers that came to us, worked from 6 till 9 in the morning. They were 4 or 5, my husband said. At the 9 they had 100 kg-s.

If we 2 had to earn for the food picking up cherries, we would die from hunger, I said to my husband.


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