Thursday, November 30, 2006

"Bad news" for all us

11 years I'm married in Italy and all this time I'm very angry with TV,magazines ecc for the information of incredible stupidity,falsity,cretinism that I hear and see about Russia and russians.

No,what I write here is not about Russia and russians,but I want to write here, in this blog, the truth about life and what can be more true than your native country?Yes,it is relative truth,because seen by interested person,but it is.

So I return to russians and western mass media.
There are some examples that come in the head.

1.Everybody knows,that americans won the second world war.That war begins in 1939.In 1942 russians begin to catch fascists from their country, in 1944-45 arrive in Germany.At this point (less or more) thank God americans have the wish to disembark in Normandia -and with this huge gesture the war is won by allieds.No battles,no other nations,no movements of Resistance.One disembark -and everything is finished.5 years of war finished with one gesture.(this is what we have to believe -and we believe)
I don't tell you here about people.I honore all who lived that trouble.I visited concentration camps in Lettonia,Lithuania -there on the walls you can find last messages of persons from Austria,Germania ecc ecc,exterminated villages in Belorussia and Lithuania...I honour little persons from all nations.
Here I amaze how great persons turn information.And we,little persons,do what they want.We believe them.
Without comments.Only facts.

2 fact.Everybody knows,that americans were first to explore space.This fact I heared many years in TV(here in Italy).Now, 2-3 years,seems that they changed the point of view.Americans were first to disembark on the Moon,but first in the space were russians (Jurij Gagarin).
Do you know what was the most amazing in the story of Moon(for me) ?I read and seen different sites and TV programms,where Americans show that their disembark is false and Russians show (with scientists) that disembark is true.At the end I could not understand more:were americans on the Moon?

3 fact.After "Kursk"-tragedy writes one of the popular italian magazines,"Familia Cristiana", very great article about russian Navy with many photos ecc (november).The main thought of this article is:after the war with Japan and defeat in 1905 ,russian Navy could never recover its forces, and from this time russian sailors feel always, they are worse as other sailors in the world.
I could not believe my eyes.

Sometimes I hear TV-news with one italian journalist in Russia (name Sergio,his last name I don't know).Everything he tells is to underline how russians are bad and everything in Russia is bad.I'm sure, the life he has in Russia is as "in butter"(proverbaly).We,russians,adore friends,specially foreign friends,spacially italian friends.We do all we can for them,we "give them our last shirt" if they need it.Knowing it I ask me:WHY this journalist tells this stupidities?Something like this:have you seen that those cretins russians cloth president-guards with clothes militaries had 2 centuries ago !!!!!!! Signor Sergio,have you ever seen what clothes have president-guards in Italy?Or Switzer-guards in Vatican?Maybe you have never seen others,but these you cannot ignore...

Some days ago I heared other journalist.American maybe,that loves russians and Russia and worked some years in Tchetchenia.He said so:about Russia you have to write bad or very bad.Only this you can sell to editor.If you write good,nobody will buy your article.Editors are afraid thy canot sell their magazine with good words about Russia,if bad and scandalous -they are sure they sell it good.

Finaly from russians I pass to all others.

Because that words of american journalist are truth for all and everything.
We want to read bad and scandalous facts about others.
We want to feel informated about it and pass this information to others.

This our particolarity I can see on my sites too.Logicaly I have analyzing programs that give me reports who,from were visited my sites,what pages read ecc.You know it.Every site has these programs.If you see on the bottom of this page,you can see YOU on the visitors map.If you don't know about it.

What pages are most visited?About how to help GRATIS other persons?No.I receive only mails that we are afraid about our e-mail addresses.Even if you know me and you know that I'll never do something like give your address to others nè will use it for promotional or other aims.

So,my riddle:what post is the most read in MyKitchen ? Success! "Bad thoughts".It was second after "Art" befor,but now is leader.And to think that I wrote it many times ago.

Yesterday I read that we all are devided by sellers in Lookers and Bookers.All are Lookers and only 1-2 are Bookers(those who book,ordin what you sell).When somebody become seller,begins to speak bad about others."People want to be treated like cretins"-said me one friend,-"you have to treat them so if you want to be successful." (PS.This man sold flats and some months after we spoke with him I knew, that 2 clients waited for him one night and beat him hardly for a flat he sold them)

The main thought of this my post:Why we ASK to be treated as cretins ?
Why others are paid to treat us as cretins?

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