Saturday, November 25, 2006

Monetize your site (for beginners)

All my days now are dedicated to study how works internet.
Once you have internet connection 24/24 you begin to think if it's possible to use it first to provoke your creativity (I meen sites creation),than you understand,that it's not enough for you,you want somebody appreciate your work (because it is a great work for newbees),than you are not content because your creation doesn't attract great crowds of visitors, and at last you begin to think:Why can't I earn money?This machinery eats my money,time,my life -it's holy duty is to produce income at least to cover the charge.

You are right.
Here maybe I have to tell you my very-very sad story about how I looked for earning money in internet.I have to tell it that you know what can wait for you on this way.Yes,I think I caught all possible swindles.

But for beginning I want give you a good notice:there are legal and good ways to earn some money if you have your own site.This is the word of very expert persons like Steve Pavlina (so we have to think about them).I began to follow these advices.Go to the home-page of MyInterestsSite and explore it.You'll find there some possibilities today.And I'll add others next week when I try to work with them.Sites you can see there are good not only because recommended as very entrust,but they accept beginners as we,those who has less then 500 visitors a day.
Ehhhh,it's true,if you have less than 500 visitors a day you are not a person for many-many-many bad internet-pals.I could learn it on my skin and so what you see on MY site is aproved for little people.And you can avoid the sad experience to be reject.
Nothing.We will be as good rangers in american westerns:go out from all ... situations and win at the end.
Don't forget to visit MyInterestsSite different times next week,I'll update it.And I'll post links to sites that work with us,beginners too.

Please help me to increase this list of links if you know other good sites.

And now to my collection of swindles.
I began with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) work.If you ever did it,you know that it is as in a factory.You open and open and open mails,see sites that they present,you have to reach a sum of points and than webmaster of the site has to pay you.
When I did this work,I noticed: when I open sites that links this or that webmaster,my PC doesn't work and after some time I had to reinstal my PC .One of them was "Hugemail" or something like this.
Nobody of all those webmasters paid me."Ippomails","Silvanamails",others -nobody.

My second experience was with a "first italian online supermarket"."Digistore".
They sold me a sub-site.The price was,I think,600 euro.Praticaly I was "middleman" of "middleman".I had to sell goods of this company that sold goods of other companies.From this activity I had my 0,00000...%.But the greatest task was to look for recruits.The hidden purpose of all this great action was that all italians had to buy goods in this store.
To find recruits I had to telephone about 50 persons a day,than I had to destribute leaflets. I had to do it with my money for that 0,000...% that company promised to give me.But the most interesting thing was to reveal that all this is illegal in Italy.I knew it the day when police catched me.And when I asked in the company how is it possible that they learn me to do illegal things,they answered:we know nothing,it was your personal initiative.

My other experiences I'll post next time.I'll tell you about swindlers from Africa.

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