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Work at home/home business opportunity scams

New info added! 08/12-2006

When you look for something,you need to be prepared to hear all kinds of opinions about you or about what you are seeking.I wrote different times about work at home/home business opportunity scams and I found today this article written from one of internet-experts,I think.The autor wanted to control,how is it possible that there are so many scams in this business ( 98-99% !!! according to the article) and if those who writes about it is really honest person and not an idiot that let fool himself 37 times.

As I said ( in this post ),on my way to find legal and real possibility to work with help of internet,I catch,I think all tipes of swindlers.Not 37 times,but not one.And here I tell what I sperimented personally,not what I heard from somebody.I don't know,who was that person scamed 37 times,but maybe he says about 37 sites not times.What is the difference?
First of all I want to underline that we speek about newbees,persons that don't know,what they do.

When you began to look for job,you begin to receive many mails with different job-offers.

First job-looking person hunters you will meet
Most of them are from Herbalife,DHC (if I remember this name good),Wellbizz, other names I really don't remember now,but all these have the same structure:"we have an incredible work for you,see this site http://...";when you see that site,they want you speak with their consult,then you have to see 1 hour film to understand what is this work about (no one word about it),then you have to see other 6-hours film where you can find no one useful word and finally they born the most important thing:give me 200-600 euro and begin to work.

Second sort of hunters
After this you receive a mail with other offer.The autor explains with all details what and how you have to do and assure you his help.Those are PPC,Pay-per-Click jobs.
You can open mails or surf the web.Every site you see with mails that you receive,they promise to pay you 0,002 dollars.But this you don't know else.You think:this is real job to began with.When I do some money,I'll pass to something best.

And here we can explain those famose 37 times,that have to be 37 sites.
The first mail said you: first day you have to open accounts in these 10 sites.
After 3-5 days add these 20 sites (10 + 20= 30)
After that open other 20 accounts ( 30 + 20= 50)
When you begin to open mails,you understand that to reach 50-60-100 dollars with 0,002 per mail you have to work very hard.If you work all day,you need about more than month to reach this sum.So you begin to add new and new sites to your collection.You read about this business in sites like Advertopia that give you advices,select those who are good for you or not good...
And finally you can be paid!!!Adwertopia said that this site will pay you!!!And other advices-sites said it too.Happy you request your payment.Some sites promise you to pay one month,other - 2-6 months after request.
Today I don't remember the names of sites I worked for.Only 2 or 3 like silvanamails,ippomails,google-mails,donkeymails,orangemails... what else?It was 2-3 years ago.I never received no one dollar from all those sites.

False-promoter and eBay-sellers hunters
Next swindle I experimented was an internet-supermarket.
About supermarket I wrote in other post.But inside this experience there were others.
So I was one of promoters of that supermarket.At the beginning I thought,this project was done to create promoters.Later I understood,that they don't need promoters,they need consumers.YOU have to buy,because the "middlemen" are owners of that supermarket.(more about this strategy of marketing)
But at the beginning I honestly worked as promoter.
I wrote about goods that supermarket sells and became mails from people that have sons in UK embassy in Nigeria and want to send them very expensive cells and laptops.I had to send the pack to Nigeria and become "payment after shipping" from Western Union,different banks.
Later in one of the sites I read an article from police about this criminals from Afrika.It's very dangerous.Not only you have to lose your money (you send the pack,you receive false check,the check-sum is too high and you,honest person,send rest to your client to entrust him) but at the end,writes police, you can arrive in Nigeria and there you lose your documents and your freedom too.
Fortunately for me I was only promoter.
One of those "clients" wrote me some months later with Messenger that he needs I pay his journey to Europe "to black men meeting".Incredible.They believe,we are finished idiots,rich white from Europe.

"Mom" and other "relatives" hunters
One month ago I had the second part of my "Afrikan adventure".I posted my profile in MySpace and began to receive mails from african boys.I'm 45,married and not interested to find boyfriends.So I answered one very nice and very educated mail in this sence.After that I began to receive a rain of mails.They call me "mom" and tell me how is hard the life of orfans or something like this.The first mail writes a person that knows english very good.Then they write so,that is pratically unpossible to understand one word.But at the end the main sence is "give me money".

Attention to terms of use
Other problem I had with Google Adsence.I opend an account with them and posted their adds in my site.But I didn't read the terms of use,it's too difficult to read so enormous texts in english.So while I really love internet-surfing,I began to "surf" with comfort directly from my site.Naturally after some days I received a mail from Google that they suspend my account.I had to do something,but the text in english was so long and difficult to understand that I ignored it.So now I'm "persona non grata" for Google.Honestly I understood my mistake and wanted to make peace with Google,opening an other account but today I received the mail that they refuse me.......

"American Green Card Lottery"-dreamer hunters
Oh,I completly forgot other swindlers."American Green Card Lottery".Different months ago my friends said me about this possibility and registered me to this lottery.I don't know,how is it possible that governative initiative offers dates of registered people to the third parts,but it was something incredible.First of all there were courses of english language,than I began to receive mails from this lottery,those mails are very professional,with all necessary sighs,that you are sure who is writing to you.I wrote my number of telephon there and on the next page understood who are those.I cancelled the mail,but they register what you write when you open the mail and write your phone number.So they began to phone me.Why?If you give me money,I'll post your name in 70 first names that will win.pull out your credit card and you will win.Hours and hours of calls.They don't understand that you maybe have problems to understand those who speaks so quickly (but it's their mode of marketing -speak quick,with great emotion:Ohhh!!!Now!!!Gooooooo!!!!!We doooooo iiittt!!!!!!!,repeat the name of the person every sentence,press him in this way and at the end "draw out your credit card").Second,they don't understand that not everybody in Europe has a credit card (many canot find job for all their lifes). If a person has a credit card,why hell he needs America?

Now,as I wrote earlier,I want to see if it is possible to follow advices of Steve P. about other business opportunities.But...
It is a hobby already.Or an illness?

New! (08/12-2006) A lovely personal site ( from review of MY Interests Site ) - with a very valuable link to a blog about internet scams!! Please add 1StepSystem to your list of scams... I'm still fighting for my refund! Best wishes, Liz.

List of mail programms I worked with in a comment.

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  1. This is a partial list of mail-programms I worked with.I found it in my old - No minimum monthly payout! - huge Earnings DAILY in DOLLARS not CENTS
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    I try to remember now what of them had to pay to me.Sure those were ippomails,boa-mails,silvanamails,google-mails,that had to pai to me different times,because I worked for different months waiting for my money...Some of these (not sure about names,one was something like Huge-mails)filld my PC with viruses.


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