Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fotos und Probleme(3) How can you post your photos in this blog

I hope I can help with this to post your photos.

-Open the blog.
-on the top of the page you see your email address and NEAR "New post"
-click it,it opens site-manager
-you can(but not have to) write here the title and under the title you see a great place for message.
-on the top of this place you see your possibilities:caracters,bold,on the left,in center,on the right....and than a little image.Click it.
-it opens 2 possibilities
left -upload your photo from your PC and I hope you know do it.
right -upload your photo from other site,with URL.About url I wrote so much...
under this you can chose where you want to post your photo:left,center,right and how big will be your photo.Click large.and click "use always this"
-Click orange key and wait.Then click conferm or what will apper.
-see your photo and write your post ( or don't write it)
-click Publish and wait.

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  1. Sorry, dear,
    on the page for how to post photos, I have no new post next to my e-mail address. What can I do. So far, I was not able to upload anything on your site.



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